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Keeping Your Lifestyle in Check

Progressing financially is a part of life's journey. Often more income can mean more spending - keeping you from meeting your financial goals. Finding the balance between enjoying the fruits of your labor and building a strong financial future can be a matter of re-evaluating your habits.

Re-evaluate your financial journey by following these simple suggestions:

1. Know where your money's going

When we get in the routine of spending, we don't realize just how much is going out. Sit down with several months of your bank and credit card statements and identify your patterns of spending. Seeing the figures in black and white can put your spending in perspective.

2. Balance your wants and needs

The trick in keeping more of your money is to focus on spending more on needs rather than wants. This is not to say there is no room for wants too. Where money mismanagement is concerned, continuous indulgence on wants can keep you on a financial hamster wheel.

3. Replace luxury for value

If you need a new item, you need it. What you don't need is the most expensive one. Hopefully you have learned by now that more expensive does not mean better. Set yourself a reasonable budget and do your research before you buy. You'll be less likely to be swayed to buy the most expensive item in the lineup.

4. Put your money in a worthwhile venture

Before you have the chance to spend money, delegate a reasonable portion of your income to a retirement plan. Not only will you not miss that money, you won’t have the opportunity to spend it on frivolous items that may not even last a year.

5. Live modestly

The goal is not to live so frugally that you can't enjoy your life. Find the balance in living comfortably and within reason financially so you can enjoy your life from start to finish without the unnecessary financial woes.

Source: Wise Bread


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