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Online Banking

Access your account on your own schedule.

Our lives are hectic. It seems like there are more things to do than hours in the day. With Online Banking, you can securely manage your finances at your convenience.

  • Check account balances and review recent and pending transactions
  • Apply for a loan or make a payment
  • Access the first mortgage servicing portal
  • Transfer funds between accounts, including accounts at other financial institutions
  • Pay bills faster and easier with Bill Payer
  • Stay in control of your money with built-in budgeting and savings tools
  • Filter transactions by deposits, withdrawals, and checks
  • Send funds instantly with Pay Anyone
  • Manage debit and credit cards with Card Controls
  • View up to 24-months of e-Statements
  • And more

Customize your experience.

You’re unique, and the way you handle your finances should suit your style and goals. Tailoring your overall digital experience is simple. By accessing Online Banking through a computer, you can easily:

  • Create budgets, savings goals, and analyze your spending
  • Select from a list of notifications you wish to receive
  • Nickname and color-code your accounts
  • Personalize your dashboard with your image

Enjoy peace of mind.

The security of your accounts is a top priority. Tools that help prevent fraud keep your private information and accounts safe. From your mobile device, computer, or tablet, you can quickly:

  • Receive and send secure messages using the message center
  • Block or unblock debit and credit cards with the card controls feature***
  • Set up a security code, as an additional tool to authenticate your identity
  • Notify the credit union of your upcoming travel plans using the message center

*** The card controls feature does not replace reporting your card as lost or stolen. Contact the credit union immediately if you believe unauthorized transactions have been made. Card controls feature does not prevent recurring transactions, refunds, reversals, or credit adjustments from posting.

Enroll in Online Banking Today

  • By Phone – (800) 766-4328, ext. 1 [in Jacksonville (904) 359-6800, ext.1]
  • In Person – visit a branch near you

During the enrollment process, you will be provided with a temporary password. Once logged in, you will be prompted to change your temporary password, as well as instructed to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), an enhanced security feature that verifies your identity.

Please note that for security reasons, your Online Banking credentials will be disabled if you have not logged into your Online Banking or Mobile Banking account within a six-month period. To keep your Online Banking credentials active, simply log into your account either using Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App.

How to Enroll in Online Banking



Logging In

How do I login for the first time to the Online Banking system and the Mobile Banking App?
Do I need to remember the verification code that was sent to me when I logged in?
Can I skip the verification code for future logins?
I don't recognize the phone numbers for sending the verification code.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?


Will my automatic loan payments or recurring transfers to other First Florida accounts change?
What time do scheduled transfers happen?
What is an external transfer?
What is the limit for an external transfer?
Can I transfer to and transfer from an external account?
How do I setup a new member-to-member transfer in Online Banking?
How long does an external transfer take to get the funds?
How do I set up an external transfer in Online Banking?
Can I download/export a file of my transactions in the new Online Banking?

Linking External Accounts

How can I view my investments, bank accounts, credit cards, and bills in one secure place?


What does the term widgets refer to in Online Banking?
Can I customize the widgets I see on my Online Banking dashboard?


Where are my notifications?
How can I view pending ACH items or Debit transactions?
How often do notifications run?
How do I set up text alerts in Online Banking?

Mobile Banking

How do I download the Mobile Banking App?
How do I complete an e-Deposit in the Mobile App?
Can I register for a new Online Banking account through the Mobile App?


Is there a limit to the number of devices that I can use to access Online Banking or Mobile Banking?

Pay Anyone

What do I need to use Pay Anyone?
How much does Pay Anyone Cost?
Who can I send funds to using Pay Anyone?
How are funds sent using Pay Anyone?
Is there a limit to the amount of funds that I can send using Pay Anyone?
How does a recipient collect funds using Pay Anyone?
What PIN do I enter to verify a transaction using Pay Anyone?
When will the funds I send using Pay Anyone leave my account?
How long does a recipient have to collect funds sent using Pay Anyone?
Will sending funds through Pay Anyone impact my transaction limits?
What happens if I try to send funds using Pay Anyone when I have already reached by daily cash withdrawal limit?
Why do I get an error when I click to launch Pay Anyone?
Can I cancel a Pay Anyone transaction from my mobile device?
How do I cancel a Pay Anyone transaction?
Who is Payzur?