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It's a Money Thing®

Financial education should be fun.

Who said financial education has to be serious and boring? We are inviting young adults to join our main character, Jen, on her journey to understand everything there is to know about money. Each lesson tackles an important financial topic and includes a video and article. New content is released monthly, so come back often to learn more!

Good vs. Bad Spending

When you start looking for financial advice, experts will share their take on what's "good" and what's bad." Aside from the obvious examples, the guidelines are a bit murky; plus, the financial gurus often contradict each other. If you're waging an inner battle of good vs. bad every time you whip out your credit card or peek at your monthly account statement, it's probably time to give your views on budgeting a shake-up. Read More...


Pay Yourself First

Like going to the gym or eating a healthy diet, saving money is one of those concepts that’s simple to grasp but weirdly challenging to put into practice. Paying yourself first is an effective savings strategy because it takes willpower right out of the equation. Rather than struggling to increase your self-control, you simply reduce your need to put it in action.  Read More...

Strategies for Debt Repayment

Stuck in a mountain of debt? High-interest debt is stressful and expensive - paying it off should be a financial priority. According to a 2012 University of Nottingham study, those who struggle to pay off their debt are more than twice as likely to experience mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Debt repayment is more than a financial goal- it's also a health and wellness goal! So where do you begin?   Read More...