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It's a Money Thing®

Financial education should be fun.

Who said financial education has to be serious and boring? We are inviting young adults to join our main character, Jen, on her journey to understand everything there is to know about money. Each lesson tackles an important financial topic and includes a video and article. New content is released monthly, so come back often to learn more!

Rule of 72

Everyone has some idea of what it means to be money smart - Start saving now and watch your money grow. But there’s no way to sugarcoat it; interest rates are low right now. As a result, your investments - even with the mighty power of compound interest - just aren’t going to perform as well as they would have in the past. Use the Rule of 72 to find out when you can expect your savings to double. Read More...


Earning Money Online

It's hard to ignore the appeal of making real money online - after all, we live in a world where bloggers land book and movie deals, where top YouTubers are multimillionaires and where celebrities collect thousands of dollars in exchange for a single sponsored tweet. You don't need millions of YouTube subscribers or Instagram followers to make real money online. We have three strategies for pointing and clicking your way to extra income. Read More...

Income Essentials

"When I grow up, I want to be a ________." Depending on who you are, filling in the blank can be an exciting, troubling or outright confusing task. If you happen to be a kindergartner, filling in the blank is awesome, because at that age, dinosaur and superhero are both perfectly viable career options. However, if your goal is to earn a good income, there are four interconnected factors to consider. Read More...