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Growing Your Money Locally 

Did you know that your personal finances can make an impact in your neighborhood? Small changes in how you save and spend your money can better your community and the environment. 

Supporting your local community is a positive thing- it builds relationships and strengthens the local economy, by:

  • Creating jobs and wages
  • Supporting environmental sustainability
  • Promoting neighborhood pride
  • Improving community investment

But what if you don't have the extra cash to contribute to your favorite neighborhood businesses? What is the bulk of your spending is already happening locally? Good news- there are a few creative ways that you can boost your local economy without spending a single cent.

Grow your money locally: small changes in how you save and spend can better your community.

Grow your money locally: Choose 1 regular shopping list item and commit to buying it locally for a year.

Ways You Can Support Local 

  1. Show your support online- There are many ways to show your local businesses some love online. Never underestimate the power of a positive endorsement- take five minutes to write a thoughtful review on Google, Yelp, or Social Media.
  2. Attend a community event- Your presence can make a difference at community events- even if you don't spend any money. By checking out a local event or festival, you boost the overall attendance numbers, which helps keep the events going for years to come. Plus, community events often provide free entertainment and giveaways. 
  3. Do your banking at a credit union- This tip is about where to keep your money, not spend it. Your choice of financial institution can have a significant impact on your local economy. As financial co-operatives, credit unions have community development built into their bottom line.

Find a new purpose for your old stuff-
Declutter your space and so some good at the same time. Remember that spring cleaning doesn't have to stop at your closet- donate things you no longer use to a local charity thrift store. Keep an eye out for clothing and book drives in your area. By keeping your things in the community and our of the landfill contributes to the local economy. 

Share your skills- Donating your time and sharing your expertise is an extremely valuable way to give back to your community. By sharing your talents, you can contribute to others' success, which feeds back into the local economy.

Shop locally- Local retailers and restaurants do more for the local economy than their national chain competitors.

Money you spend in your community is recirculated in the local economy instead of being extracted from it. This translates into more local jobs, more opportunities for local business owners and service providers, and more tax dollars that stay in the community.

Grow your money locally: local retailers and restaurants so more for the local economy that their national chain competitors.

Supplementing your grocery shopping list with fresh farmers’ market finds, choosing independent cafés and restaurants over national chains, and purchasing art and gifts from local vendors are all simple ways to support your local economy. All of this just goes to show that anyone can grow their money locally. 

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