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The safer, faster, and greener option.

First Florida Credit Union makes it easy to stay connected to your finances. With e-Statements, you have a powerful tool for keeping track of your money at the click of a button.

e-Statements, or electronic statements, are PDF files that contain the same information as paper statements. The big difference? You receive them faster than regular mail, and they’re available immediately and securely through Online Banking and your Mobile Banking app

A Free Service to Members with Big Benefits

When you use e-Statements to streamline banking, you take advantage of key benefits, including:

Safer communication: Reduce the chances of your banking information getting lost or stolen in the mail.  e-Statements are available through Online Banking and the Mobile Banking App, where only you can access your information. 

Faster Delivery: Get your statements up to five days faster than regular mail! You won’t have to wait or worry about losing your statement in transit. We’ll send an e-mail each month letting you know your e-statements are ready to download.

Environmetally Friendly: e-Statements are paperless, requiring less energy and resources to deliver to you. By choosing paperless services, you help reduce harmful emissions released into the environment.

Getting e-Statements is quick, convenient, and always free to members. Plus, you’ll have access to up to 24 months’ worth of e-Statements at any time, where you can download or print them as you need.

Enrollment is Easy!

Enrolling is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Log in to Online Banking or the Mobile App, navigate to e-Statements settings, and follow the prompts.

See step-by-step instructions

If you haven’t enrolled in Online Banking or downloaded our Mobile Banking App, you can quickly do so now.

    For Additional Information or Help with Enrolling:

    e-Statements Frequently Asked Questions

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    Will I be able to print my e-Statements?
    Will I need a separate password to access my e-Statements?
    Will I need special software to view my e-Statement?


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