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make a loan payment

Make a Payment

When making a loan payment, you have options.

Choose the option that works best for you.

Pay Internally Using Your First Florida Account

Transfer money from your First Florida account to make your First Florida loan payment. This is a FREE service and will be updated immediately.

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Make a Payment with External Funds

Make one-time payments or set up scheduled recurring payments using a bank routing number and account number from an external financial institution. One-time online payments have a $2.00 fee. Scheduling recurring payments is a FREE service.

Online Payment Tool

Call Us

Speak with one of our member service representatives to process your loan payment over the phone using your debit card or bank account information from an external account. There is a $15.00 service fee to process your payment over the phone.

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Mail Your Payment or Visit a Branch Near You

Stop by your local branch to make your payment in person or send it through the mail.

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