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How to Tame Pet Mess

Our adorable furry friends come with more than cuddles and good times – they can be downright messy. Use these few hacks to stay on top of the mess for less so you can enjoy more moments together.

1. Clean-up with rubber gloves

No need to buy expensive gadgets to remove pet hair from your furniture. Rubber gloves will do the trick. They're also reusable and easy to clean.

2. Vaseline creates an ant barrier

Pet food can sometimes attract ants. Rubbing Vaseline on the bottom of the food bowl creates a barrier to keep those unwanted house guests away.

3. Catch doggy drool on a bandanna

Kids grow out of drooling, but our furry friends do not. Bandannas are not only stylish, but help catch doggy drool too.

4. Save doors from scratches with a bell

Wish you could keep your dog from clawing the doors when it’s time to go outside? Keep your doors scratch free by training your dog to use a bell when it’s time to go. A simple bell hanging from the doorknob will do the trick.

5. Use baking soda or tea leaves in the litter box

Litter boxes are a necessary evil. Keep the smell tamed by sprinkling baking soda or tea leaves along the bottom of the box to absorb and mask odors.

Source: Cheapism