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How to Get Discounts on Furniture

Buying items second hand is a great way to get what you need at a fraction of the cost. But when buying new, knowing when to get the deep discounts can be just as satisfying.

Follow this guide for your next new furniture purchase.


New styles hit retail floors every spring and fall. Items are usually discounted in the months just prior to the new deliveries. Aim for January and February or August and September to get the best deals. Holidays are a good time to receive large discounts as well.


Custom furniture differs from pre-made furniture. It is usually made on-demand and in more limited quantities. As such, you won't find sales on these items like on other furniture.


In case you haven't noticed, outdoor furniture can be just as expensive as indoor furniture. You'll find the best deals between Fourth of July and Labor Day. Stores are usually stocked by middle of April and are looking to clear out their stock by August.

Keep In Mind

It's hard to fight the feeling of making a purchase on the spot when you fall in love with an item. Do yourself a favor and be patient when it comes to purchasing furniture. Chances are the couch you can’t resist will be on sale in just a month or two from the time you first saw it. Also, shop around. Know what the competition has to offer. It will give you a leg up when it comes time to crunch numbers.

Source: Nerd Wallet