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Bringing Home-Staging In-House

Thinking about selling your home? Home staging can play a big role in how quickly you can make it happen. Homeowners can easily stage their own homes for much less than a professional stager and with as much impact.

1. Put away personal items

This may sound overwhelming since everything in your home is personal to you, but focus on items like photos. This includes personal wall art photos which are very popular right now. You want the potential buyer to be able to picture themselves in your home.

2. Declutter

Removing clutter is not the same as organizing the clutter. For the time being, remove all distracting items from countertops and corners. Pack them up and put them out of sight. If you have kids, put the toys out of sight too. It can be very difficult for a potential buyer to focus on the layout and look of the home if clutter overwhelms the space.

3. Approach rooms with purpose

Rearrange the rooms to look like a model home. Each room should speak for itself as to its use and have minimal furniture. If the walls are not neutral, consider painting them. You'll find your home is more appealing to buyers if little Suzie's room is a soft beige and not bubblegum pink.

4. Keep it clean and fresh

It may go without saying but a clean home is a must. Even if your home is an adorable bungalow in a good neighborhood with a grade A school, an offensive odor and dirty home is an immediate repellent. If cleaning is not your strong suit, hire a professional cleaner to get it to a manageable state while your home is on the market.

5. Don't overlook the yard

Before a potential buyer steps foot in your home, they are taking in the landscape. At a minimum, be sure the grass is cut, the bushes are trimmed, and the weeds are pulled. For a cheap and easy upgrade, add mulch to various areas. It looks fresh and gives the yard an added appeal.

Source: Bankrate


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