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Greenery for Less

Greenery is growing all around you, but chances are you’re still paying top dollar for it. If you want to cozy up your indoor and outdoor space with plants for less, take a few of these suggestions to save on your next batch.

Ask friends and family

You can buy your plants from a store, but snipping a few pieces from a friend’s plant works just as well. Best yet, they can give you some growing tips so your new leafy friend has a better chance of survival.

Repurpose your old containers

Can and jar containers are perfect repurposed planters. You can add holes for drainage on some and some you cannot. Be sure to know your plant’s water needs. The unique containers also add an eclectic decorative edge to your space.

Let nature lend a hand

Do a little research and see which plants growing naturally will also work well for your home. Take a walk in nature and keep an eye out to add to your collection. National and state parks prohibit tampering with vegetation, but there are many public areas without restriction.

Invest in the discarded

Buying plants at the store is fun because they’re usually very vibrant and lush. But what do stores do with the not-so-lush plants? They go on clearance. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them; it just means they’re not as attractive as the other plants. These are perfect for rescue at a deep discount.

Plants with a purpose

Consider adding a little green to your décor with herbs. Not only do they cozy up your home, they’re convenient for cooking and can provide a pleasant aroma.

Source: Wise Bread