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Talk Finances Before Marriage

Dating. We’ve all been there. You meet someone, you fall in love, and the adventure begins. Before you know it, you’re married and buying your first house and find out your partner has more debt than you knew, and their credit history is in the toilet.

Your romantic adventure comes to a halt. There is nothing like arguing over finances to pull you from your love reverie. So, the real question is - how can couples avoid this kind of situation? Talking about finances during courting can be awkward, but it may be the key to forming a healthy relationship.

As the relationship progresses and you learn more about each other, begin to ask deeper questions that include finances. There’s nothing wrong with asking your partner if they have student loans. If you’re in your 30s, chances are you both do.

Talk about where you see yourselves financially in the short and long-term so you know if you’re on the same page. What are the long-range goals for becoming debt free? Even a discussion about retirement is not too farfetched. As the relationship grows, these conversations will become easier.

It’s important to understand your budgets too. Discuss the debts you both bring into the relationship and include those in your planning. Make a goal to pay them off and try to avoid incurring any new debt. A representative from First Florida Credit Union can help you find solutions to any financial problems both of you may have and put you on a solid path for your financial well-being.

The reality is that talking about money is not always fun. We have all made mistakes and at times it is hard to own up to them. Couples need to realize, however, that honest discussions early in a relationship can save a lot of heartache and disagreements later.

Talk to one another about your financial expectations and goals. Your relationship truly depends on it.

Source: CUNA