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4 Ways it Pays to Recycle

It’s Earth Day on April 22 and a perfect time to start thinking about how you can make a greater impact on the environment. Best yet, taking this approach will also save you money.

1. Ink Cartridges

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you may have been asked not to throw away your ink cartridges so they could be returned for a discount. Maybe you thought the company did this because they were pinching pennies, but the truth is ink cartridges are made up of plastic and other petroleum based products that take many years to decompose. Most stores offer incentives such as store credit or cash back for recycling the cartridges.

2. From Cans to Catalytic Converters

Most cities have recycling companies that will pay you for your recycled items. Prices and items accepted may vary. Chances are you have many of these items in your garage.

3. Clothing

If you have clothes you no longer wear, some retail stores like H&M will pay for your old clothing. H&M will give customers store vouches towards the purchase of new clothes. The stores often use the old clothing to make new clothing. It’s a part of their sustainability effort.

4. Compost

If you enjoy gardening, one of the easiest ways you can guarantee to have good quality, free, cheap soil is to start your own compost. A large portion of your waste is compost friendly. You can find a list of these items online, as well as ways to build your compost box with items you already have around the house.

Source: Fortunate Investor