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Easy, Everyday Wellness Tips

Wellness has become a trending topic over the last year. More Americans are experiencing stress from the demand to do more, and finding greater need for a work-life balance that supports a healthy lifestyle.  

There are many wellness activities you can start today that only require commitment and not your cash. Consider incorporating these free, everyday wellness techniques for a better, more balanced you. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself sleep deprived, you may not be giving your body the sleep it needs to run full speed. The once 8-hour recommendation for sleep is now up to 10 and chances are you’re probably not even getting 8 hours. Not only does sleep leave you feeling refreshed, but your body uses that time to repair and restore balance through: 

  • increased blood supply
  • tissue growth and repair
  • energy restoration to the brain and body
  • release of hormones for growth and development

Give yourself a break from technology and set aside time to unplug from phones, tablets, and television. What started out as a leisurely way to keep up trending topics has quickly become consuming, and in many ways adds to stress. Replace that time with a book, a long walk, or anything that gives you quality time with yourself or others.  

Meditation is the art of focusing one’s mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. It’s no wonder it’s evolving into a widely used practice to reduce stress. Guided meditation through apps is also trending. It’s an excellent way to begin a journey into a better balanced self. Many apps and devices like Alexa offer this service in part or in full at no charge. 

Wellness starts from within and can be achieved in many ways that don’t cost money. Start with the tips we’ve provided and have fun exploring other ways to enhance your health.  
Source: US News