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Affordable Care for Pets

Pet companionship is priceless - vet bills, however, are not. If you’re thinking of becoming a pet owner, but you’re not sure if it fits in your budget, there are some affordable and even free options for cost of care.

Non-Profit Organizations
Local animal groups and shelters often offer low-cost vaccinations, spaying, and neutering. In some cases, they also offer routine care at a much lower cost.

Vet School
Veterinary schools offer an affordable alternative to routine care and minor ailments. While the students are performing the exam, they are supervised by a vet.

Shop for Prices
Vet prices vary. Call ahead and compare prices so you’re not scrambling when the bill comes.

Preventative Care
You might be tempted to skip your pet’s annual wellness exam, but keeping a yearly check on your furry friend ensures their best health and lessens the chance for large expenses in the future.

Pet-Proof Your Home
Just like with children, you should take the time to pet proof your home. If you think your pet may get into something that could harm them, remove it. Unnecessary emergency room visits can be a quick drain on your finances.

Source: Money Talks News