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Get the Most Out of Your Staycation

Staycations have become increasingly popular, not always out of necessity, but also as a way to take time to enjoy the small things. If you’re planning to stay home for your summer vacation (and maybe save a little money), make the most of it with a few fun suggestions. 

Check Local Social Calendars
Social calendars are a hub for fun and often free events around town. You would be surprised at how many fun events are happening every weekend. It’s a great time to try something you may not have otherwise considered.  

Visit Museums
Most museums have discounted or free admission days. They also offer special events such as art classes or concerts which are usually budget friendly. All excellent opportunities to engage with your local community.     

Find Uncharted Territory 
You may have lived in one place for a long time, but chances are you have not explored every park, trail, camp, attraction, waterway, or restaurant. Do a little research and find a spot within your city you’ve never visited, and make it your mission to see more. 

Look at Your Library
Libraries host numerous events throughout the year and admission is usually free. They also offer workshops for computer skills, music lessons, book signings, and more. It’s a great way to expand your activities. 

Pick a Home Project
There is nothing more rewarding that pursuing a home project that will bring you joy year-round. Try tackling something that you can complete in a day or two like building a garden box. Pick something you’ll have fun making and that won’t consume all of your time off.    

Invite Friends Over
Wrap up your staycation by welcoming your friends over for a pot luck dinner, brunch, or game night. Don’t be afraid to stay up late and leave the mess for tomorrow. 
Source: Wise Bread