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How to Trim Time on Finances

You can’t take a vacation from your finances, but you can automate and simplify your finances so you can enjoy more of what you love this summer. 

If you want more time for fun in the sun, follow these simple suggestions to effortlessly stay on top of your finances.  

Automate Bill Paying 
Spend less time logging in and paying bills by setting up your bills on auto pay. Most financial institutions provide a bill payer service that gives you a one stop place to schedule payments to your providers. The service is usually free, and your recurring payments are now paid on-time and effortlessly.  

Bundle Your Services 
Some companies, like insurance companies, will offer discounts if you elect to have multiple services such as life, auto, and home insurance. Having all three with one provider simplifies three payments to one. It’s an easy time and money saving option.

Set It and Forget It
Just like automating your bill pay, you can automate your savings. Set up automatic transfers or have your payroll department direct a portion of your earnings to your savings account each pay period. This method not only saves you time in figuring out how much to transfer each month, but the set-it-and-forget-it method allows your wealth to accumulate effortlessly and without interruption.  

Consolidate Your Credit Card Payments 
Multiple credit card payments can become a costly hassle. Consider consolidating your credit card debt, and make just one payment instead of several. Take it a step further and automate your payments to free your time even more.

Source: Money Talks News