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Why Getting Rich Quick Doesn't Do You Justice

Unless you win the lottery, your plans to get rich quick probably won’t pan out. Why? Because building wealth takes time and consistency. Though it’s natural to dream of striking it rich without any effort, the straight to wealth path paves an unsustainable road. Despite what media tries to sell you, it’s a dream better left in the clouds, and here’s why. 

It’s usually a scam 
If you can live by one rule, let it be this – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Get rich quick schemes are designed to entice you, excite you, and take your money in spite of promising to make you millions. 

We’re hardwired to value what we earn
If you experience a windfall you may find you’re inexperienced in how to manage it. You hear it all of the time, people who win the lottery go broke in just a few short years. This is because it didn’t take effort to acquire it. If you had to invest all of your free time for a week just to earn an extra $100, my guess is you might be careful how you spend that $100, if you spend it at all. Admit it or not, you are hardwired to value what you earn. This is why a lot of people who come into money quickly, lose it quickly.

Experience is more than bragging rights
Experience – just like the experience it takes to perform your job, or anything well, is built over time through patience, diligence, and commitment. The same is true in building wealth. The more you do something, the better at it you become. Your body will physically and mentally adapt to situations when you approach it with consistency. This is what builds sustainability. The same is true to building wealth. Remember, anything of value comes through hard work. It’s a journey, not a destination.

All risks are not equal
Sometimes risk is involved where there is opportunity for wealth building. Be educated and prepared to take those risks. Investing with the intent to get rich quick is probably not a well thought out risk. If you are going to lose at anything, make sure it isn’t for lack of effort.     

If all else fails, and you’re still holding on to the dream of striking it rich one day, work on properly managing the money you have now. After all, it is said, you cannot be trusted with much if you cannot be trusted with little.   

Source: Wise Bread