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Focusing on Retirement in Your 40s

You’ve made it to your 40s, finally hitting the sweet spot in your career, and you’re ready to focus on your future. Maybe you started a retirement plan early in life and now you’re ready to ramp it up. Great, you’re ahead of game! 

If you’re in your 40s and you’re just getting started, not to worry. You still have time to build a decent nest egg for that golden retirement age of 65. In fact, starting at age 45 and investing $5,000 annually at an average 8 percent annual return through 65 yields almost $300,000!

Here’s the game plan to achieve your goal: 

Make your money count
Now that you probably have your first home under your belt, your student loan payments under control, and you’re on a financial climb in your career, it’s time to start building your savings. There’s no better place to save than your retirement account. Start making your money count by contributing the maximum amount so your money compounds annually and goes to work for you. 

Don’t drag your debt into retirement
Part of setting up for the good life in the golden years is eliminating the obstacles that can hold you back.  Start by eliminating your credit card debt. If you have kids, you know how expensive they can be. Paying off your credit card debt now will free up funds to help with their college loans and won’t affect your retirement contribution. Let’s face it, they need you well beyond 18 years, and you still need to take care of you so they don’t have to after retirement. 

Know the fees for your retirement investment
You work hard for your money; over half your life, in fact. Don’t throw away that hard earned money on unnecessary fees. Know the costs to manage your investments. Explore options such as index funds vs. actively managed mutual funds which tend to have lower fees.  

Saving your money, eliminating your debt and knowing your investment costs will put you in the best possible position for retirement. Put your hard earned money to work for you and take control of your financial future today!

Source: USA Today 


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