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What to Know about the Facebook Breach

In case you missed it, Facebook announced a breach of their site on September 28. Around 50 million accounts were affected and left vulnerable to hackers. 

A weakness was found in Facebook’s “View As” feature, which allows you to see how your profile looks to others. Hackers stole digital keys that keep you logged in to Facebook so you don’t have to re-enter your password. 

Facebook quickly fixed the vulnerabilities and reset the digital keys, but you might want to take these extra steps to protect your information: 

      1. Beware of imposters. With access to your Facebook account, hackers can get a lot of information about you. They could impersonate people you know or even companies with which you do business. If someone calls asking for money, help, or any personal information, just hang up. 

      2. Consider changing your password. Although Facebook assured the public their fix made it unnecessary to change your password, you may want to in an abundance of caution. We encourage you to also change your security questions since the answers may be easily found in your profile. If you use the same password for other sites, consider changing them too.  

Since the public has not been informed as to which accounts have been affected, for now, try to play close attention to anything that looks suspicious.  
Source: Federal Trade Commission