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9 Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Turkey

Most people look forward to leftover turkey as much as they enjoy eating it on Thanksgiving Day. While making soups and sandwiches the next day is an easy, go-to way to eliminate waste, this year consider taking it up a notch with these delicious leftover ideas from Taste of Home. All recipes can be found in the link below. 

Gobbler Cakes 
A festive spin on traditional crab cakes, using turkey, stuffing and cranberries. Add a small side salad and you have a savory, festive leftover meal.  

Turkey Stuffed Shells 
The only thing better than turkey is warm, comforting pasta shells stuffed with turkey, dressing and sweet potatoes. Add cheese and gravy for topping and voila. 

Turkey Quesadillas with Cranberry Salsa 
A sweet, tart cranberry salsa with lemon and pear brings a taste of the holidays to this quesadilla. 

White Turkey Chili 
A combination of recipes makes this dish hearty, creamy, savory and perfect for a cozy evening in.    

Turkey and Stuffing Eggs Benedict 
What better way to continue a celebration of thankfulness than a post-Thanksgiving brunch? Turkey and stuffing eggs benedict offers an easy, festive alternative to a brunch favorite. 

Turkey Curry 
A quick and creative way to use leftover turkey with a little or a lot of kick. 

Turkey Spaghetti Casserole 
Truly a simple, tasty, combination of spaghetti, turkey and fresh vegetables in a creamy comforting sauce, and baked to perfection. 

Stuffing and Turkey Casserole 
A melting pot of turkey, stuffing, pecans, cranberries, and a lot of cheese. Yum!

Gobble-Up Strata 
Another breakfast inspired dish good for anytime of the day. Just throw in eggs, leftover stuffing and turkey, green onions and red pepper for a satisfying, versatile meal.
Source: Taste of Home