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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time

You only have so much time in a day and usually a long list of things to do. Since you can’t add more time to your day, it makes sense to make the best use of your time. 

Try these simple tips to stay on track: 

1. Make lists 

Having a list of what you need to accomplish can help you focus and make it less likely for something to slip your mind. When you finish a task, you don’t have to spend time trying to remember what else you had to do, just consult your list. Rate items by priority and how long they should take.  

2. Exercise and take breaks 

It may seem counterintuitive to stop working so you can get more done, but it helps. Exercising elevates your energy level so you have more vigor when it comes time to hunker down on the job. Short breaks can also let your mind rest and help lower your stress level.  

3. Eliminate distractions 

It can be challenging to focus on your work when you’re scanning social media, reading messages, handling bills, checking the scores from last night’s game, and a million other little things. 

Set aside a time to address distractions – check your phone only once or twice per day so you can get past that nagging sensation and get back to work.  

4. Weed out the demands on your time

Try using the “Four D” rule for your inbox: do it, delegate it, defer it, or drop it. Once mastered, you will have a more manageable inbox. This method also helps cut down on clutter. 

5. Stop trying to multitask

You really can’t. Have you ever tried talking on the phone while you’re making dinner? Either the conversation or the meal suffers. The same principle goes for work. It’s better to finish one task completely and do it well, than to have multiple projects half done and poorly at best. 

Source: Money Talks News