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Staging Your Home for a Fast Sale

If you want to sell your home, it has to stand out. Staging it so it appeals to the broadest possible group of people is one way to do just that.

That means depersonalizing your home so buyers can visualize themselves as the homeowners. Following these basic staging steps may help you sell your home faster.

1. Neutralize - Put away family photos, religious items, and collections.

2. De-clutter - Pack up knick-knacks, clear off countertops, and remove unnecessary furniture. Consider renting a storage space until your home sells.

3. Rearrange - Arrange furniture so buyers can move smoothly through the home. Highlight rooms' focal points, such as fireplaces, with furniture groupings.

4. Let it shine - Clean or replace carpets, wash or paint walls, pressure-wash siding and decks, and scrub, scrub, scrub, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Turn on all lights and open drapes for showings.

5. Landscape - Mow and edge the lawn, trim the hedges, and plant flowers. If your yard doesn't look well-maintained, buyers will assume your home isn't either. 

If your funds are limited, spend money where it shows. Buyers form first impressions from your front door and foyer, so make sure they sparkle. Is the doorknob wobbly? The doorbell broken? The doormat shabby? If you're debating replacing carpeting in the entryway or a back hallway, choose the entryway.

Be sure your changes make economic sense. Do normal maintenance, such as replacing stained or chipped countertops, but don't install an expensive hot tub.

Consider hiring a professional stager. Realtors may be able to recommend stagers. Costs vary, but the National Association of Realtors reports spending 1% to 3% of your home's asking price for staging will generally yield an 8% to 10% return.

Whether you're fixing up your home for resale, or looking to buy a new home yourself, First Florida can help.

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