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How a Separate Savings Could Bring Your Marriage Closer

We previously posted an article on how to Save Money, Reduce Debt, and Build Wealth. In it, we discussed how to create savings habits to help you reach your goals. The habits include creating a budget, pausing subscriptions and other unnecessary expenses, and automating your savings into designated accounts. 

You may be surprised to know similar savings habits may also increase the harmony in your marriage. 

Finances are often a hot topic in marriages. One may blow the budget, one may be too miserly, or both may feel there is simply not enough money to go around. 

In either scenario, couples tend to scrutinize each other’s spending, especially when there are pressing needs for the family. We tend to forget that by taking care of ourselves, we are of better service to others.

The same way we recommend you create savings accounts that are specifically designated for whatever you’re saving for, we also recommend both partners create a savings account for their personal wants. 

Imagine each person creating a separate savings account and naming the account ‘For Me’. Every pay period or once per month, a designated amount that falls within your budget is automatically transferred into that account. And now, when all the bills are paid, you’ve accumulated enough in your personal savings account to do something great for yourself, too. 

Saving in this way eliminates the shame, guilt, and fault we feel when we are responsible for others. Each partner is now encouraged to do something meaningful for themselves whether that’s buying a new pair of shoes, a new wallet, or investing in a new skill. Your ‘me money’ is yours to spend however you choose.

Now that there is more harmony between you and your partner, other members of the family reap the benefits, too. It also sets a good example for children to see that taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of others.   

With a simple tweak, we see that marital finances and marital harmony can co-exist. Take a moment to review the previous article above, and start incorporating a separate savings account to help bring your marriage closer.

Source: CNBC