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Portable, Affordable Fitness Gear for Holiday Travel

The holidays are fast approaching, and for most, that means a lot of traveling and holiday feasts. Maintaining your fitness is important, and that can sometimes be a challenge if you find you’re on the road often. Hotel gyms can also be hit or miss when it comes to their equipment and facilities. 

These travel-friendly, affordable items will help keep you in top shape no matter where the holidays take you. 

1. Jump rope
Jumping rope is a quick way to work up a good sweat. Since you’re using your entire body, it’s also an all-over workout. You can burn more calories jumping rope in a shorter amount of time than most traditional methods of cardio such as running. 

The rope itself is lightweight and travels well. 

2. Travel yoga mat 
Traveling can be taxing on the body. Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and bring balance back to your day. Since most yoga mats roll-up and are not suitable for suitcases, a travel yoga mat is a perfect option. It’s inexpensive, less dense, folds instead of rolls, and takes up minimal space in a suitcase.

3. Running shoes 
Running, walking, or even sprints can be done anywhere and only requires a pair of running shoes.  

4. Resistance bands
Resistance bands are inexpensive, lightweight, and compact. If you enjoy the benefits of weight training, it’s an effective alternative to actual weights which are too heavy for travel. Most sets come with instructions for various exercises. You can also find tips and exercises online.  

5. Portable kettlebells
Kettlebells are extremely effective at providing a full-body workout. Although small, they can be too heavy for packing. 

Portable kettlebells solve this problem by allowing you to fill them with whatever’s at hand – rocks, sand, or water can all be used to create the weight. When you’re finished, empty the kettlebell and fold it up. 

6. Sliders
They’re little discs that have a slippery surface and are two-sided, allowing you to use them on either hard floors or carpet. These are great for full-body conditioning and are usually only around $10.

Source: Wise Bread