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Keep Your Halloween Pumpkin Fresh

Warm Florida weather has a way of ruining a perfectly carved pumpkin within just a few days. Luckily, we have a few tricks to show you how to keep a Halloween-ready pumpkin fresh for longer. 
Storage is Key 
Once a pumpkin is cut, the decaying process begins. Warm weather speeds up the process significantly. While it’s best to carve your pumpkin on Halloween or the day before, you can also keep your pumpkin fresh for longer by keeping it in a cool dry place.  

If you’re using your carved pumpkin as decoration for a party, you can carve the pumpkin ahead of time, wrap it in a plastic bag, and place it in the refrigerator. 

Reduce Moisture 
If you use a candle to light your pumpkin, instead of cutting the top of your pumpkin to clear the inside, cut a hole in the bottom. When you’re ready to light the pumpkin, light a candle and place the pumpkin over the candle. It reduces the moisture that collects in the bottom of the pumpkin and keeps your creation looking fresh.

You can also opt to use a battery-operated candle to avoid extra moisture. 

Use Petroleum Jelly
Believe it or not, applying petroleum jelly to the cut edges of your pumpkin can help keep it fresh for longer by protecting the exposed flesh of the pumpkin. It’s a cheap, easy solution. 

A Quick Fix
If Halloween is a day or so away and your pumpkin is starting to take a downturn, try soaking it in cool water for a few hours and let it drain thoroughly. It’s a quick, last-minute fix that may revive your pumpkin for a few hours on Halloween day. 
Source: The Spruce


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