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How to Prevent Impulse Buys

It’s easy to skip in-store purchases when you’re not in the mood to get off the couch. But what about those purchases you can make without leaving your home? 

Break the urge to splurge online with these five simple tips you can start using today!

1. Don’t store your credit card information online 

Most online merchants allow you to save your payment information so you don’t have to enter it every time you make a purchase. If you’re trying to avoid the urge to splurge, stay away from the trap of a one-click purchase. 

Instead, remove your payment information so you have to think twice before buying. There is something about physically retrieving your card and inputting the information that gives you a sobering moment to reconsider. 

2. Delete your shopping apps  

Your favorite retailers have made shopping a breeze with quick access apps. No more pulling up your browser and searching. The convenience has also made impulse buys more likely when you receive notifications of their latest sales.  

Remove your apps and remove the temptation to spend. Once you’ve gotten used to your budget and have a handle on your urge to spend, you can consider re-downloading the apps. 

3. Unfollow your favorite brands

If you don’t see the sales and advertisements from your favorite brands, you’re less likely to think about buying their products and services. It’s that simple. Unfollowing something that prevents you from meeting your budgeting goals can be a freeing feeling, too. 

4. Unsubscribe from shopping emails 

Just like unfollowing your favorite brands, unsubscribing from emails that entice you to shop can significantly improve your chances of avoiding impulse buys. You won’t miss those daily reminders, we promise. 

5. Make it easy to get entertainment for free 

Maybe you’re an avid reader, and you’re always itching for a new book. It’s very easy to make that quick purchase online, but it’s an expense you can afford to kick. 

You can feel that same sense of gratification by downloading your local library’s app to find your next book. If you’re a Kindle reader, consider using the library’s free streaming service if they have one. 

This method could work just as easily for movies and music, or any other entertainment you can find at your local library. 

Source: Wise Bread