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5 Reasons Switching to e-Statements Makes Sense

When it comes to the security of your personal information, you want to make every effort possible to protect it. Choosing e-Statements is an easy, fast option that will not only give you more security, but it’s an overall smarter way to receive your statements.

e-Statements or “electronic statements” are PDF files that contain the same information as paper statements and offer several worthwhile benefits.

Here are the top five ways you can start enjoying the immediate benefits of e-Statements vs. paper statements.

1. Secure communication: Don’t chance your banking information being lost or stolen in the mail. e-Statements are generally available at the beginning of each month through your financial institution’s digital banking services, where no one can access your information but you. 

2. Free notifications: A convenient monthly alert lets you know your statement is ready to view. 

3. Immediate access: Not only are you able to access your statement online immediately, but most financial institutions permit access to several months or even years of e-Statements for your convenience that can be accessed any time. This is especially convenient for budgeting and tax preparation. 

4. Environmentally conscious: Choosing e-Statements reduces the use of energy and natural resources that are being threatened every day. It decreases pollution, reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases, and reduces other harmful toxins. It’s an easy way for you to lessen your carbon footprint. 

5. Cost-efficient: e-Statements are significantly more cost-efficient than paper statements. A reduction in statement costs may allow your financial institution to invest in other helpful resources. 

With the many benefits of e-Statements, it makes sense to switch from paper statements to a faster, safer, greener option.

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