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Celebrating International Credit Union Day 2022

On October 20, 2022, First Florida Credit Union will join over 56,000 credit unions worldwide to celebrate International Credit Union (ICU) Day®. The theme of ICU Day 2022 is “Empower Your Financial Future with a Credit Union.”  

Credit unions were built on the principle of “people helping people.” We’ve seen that philosophy in action for more than 100 years, with credit unions providing access to affordable financial products and striving to meet the needs of underserved communities. 

ICU Day highlights the many ways that credit unions across the world help members improve their financial health and well-being. 

The Distinct Difference Between a Credit Union and a Bank

Credit unions are not-for-profit, member-owned cooperatives with a primary focus on serving the financial needs of their members. Credit unions don’t have stockholders, so their initiatives always put people before profits. Unlike banks, earnings are returned to members through lower loan rates and fees, higher earnings on deposits, and free valuable financial resources. 

Also, unlike banks, credit unions are governed in a democratic way, led by a volunteer board of directors who are also members. 

Credit unions typically offer the same products and services that for-profit financial institutions provide, but generally, with lower fees and a more personalized service experience. It’s not a wonder why so many people find their membership with a credit union so valuable. 

Membership Eligibility 

Anyone can join a credit union that meets the credit union’s field of membership. You may be eligible based on your employer, where you live, or your family, as most credit unions allow members’ families to join. First Florida’s membership eligibility includes 39 counties throughout Florida, Select Employee Groups, and family members. 

International Credit Union Day Celebrations 

First Florida is honored to be a part of this proud ICU Day tradition. We invite members and non-members to visit one of our convenient branch locations throughout Florida to help us celebrate on Thursday, October 20, 2022. 

Please stop by to enjoy pre-packaged refreshments and see what membership at First Florida Credit Union is all about!


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