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Increase Your Home’s Value With These Remodeling Ideas

Previously, we discussed small-scale home improvement projects that would make everyday life more comfortable and cost-effective. Investing in larger home remodeling projects may be worth it for homeowners looking further into the future.

What does it mean to undertake a “remodeling” project? It’s a major project that entails reconstructing and adding to your property. You will likely need to hire a professional contractor for their knowledge and expertise. Depending on the project’s size and scale, permits and permissions may also be required from your local government or homeowner’s association.

Examples of home remodeling projects include:

  • Room Additions
  • Roofing Replacements
  • Bulkhead Installation
  • Indoor Patio Conversions
  • Home Irrigation and Sprinkler Installation
  • Bathroom or Kitchen Updates

Remodeling projects can have a timeline where the planning and work are done in stages. Compare this to a home renovation, which is more likely to be a smaller-scale project focusing on cosmetic changes. While “renovations” and “remodeling” are used interchangeably nowadays, the project's scope determines the real meaning.

You may have done a home renovation recently and not realize it! Examples include:

  • Changing Lightbulbs
  • Installing or Replacing Cabinet Hardware
  • Replacing Window Treatments
  • Installing a New Ceiling Fan
  • Planting a Garden

Reasons for Completing a Home Remodeling Project

It might be worthwhile to invest in a remodeling project for many different reasons. Here are a few popular ones:

Remodeling personalizes your living space: Whether you are a first-time homeowner or looking to set down roots, a remodeling project can help you craft the home you have always wanted.

Remodeling may provide savings in the long run: Homes use electricity and fuel. Updating or replacing certain aspects of your home—like the roofing, windows, and appliances—enhances quality of life and keeps energy costs manageable.

Remodeling increases resale value: Putting your home on the market is a big decision, and it makes sense to gain as many advantages as possible in a competitive environment. A newly remodeled home attracts more buyers and may warrant higher offers.

No matter your reasons, a home remodeling project is your chance to improve where you live. It’s more than an investment. It can also be a point of pride.

Home Remodeling Ideas

It may have been a while since you considered improving your property. Maybe it’s time to take the plunge, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to take those next steps. You may want to take an entirely different direction, depending on your goals.

Replace the windows and doors. The windows significantly affect your home's indoor comfort and energy efficiency. They provide insulation and protection from the elements. If your windows appear foggy even in dry weather, their insulation has been damaged and needs replacement. The doors leading to outside areas also play a role. Storm doors can keep the air conditioning in and water out while serving as an additional deterrent against intruders.

Replace old roofing. Without a strong roof, your home is subject to the harsh effects of the weather. Installing a new roof is a great way to revitalize your home’s curbside appeal. It might be a good idea to consider updating your insulation along with the roof. These two components work together to keep your home energy-efficient.

Rewire an outdated electrical system. We live in an always-connected, powered-on world. While new home entertainment centers, computers, and appliances promise better performance, they still need a lot of power to run. Homes built decades ago may be unable to effectively handle today’s power demands. Speak with an experienced electrician for an evaluation and see if your property is due for a wiring upgrade.

Make accessibility upgrades. People at all stages of life deserve to feel comfortable and capable in their homes. Adding new features that accommodate occupants’ unique needs can improve their quality of life. Remodeling includes adding mobility assistance features, like stair lifts and ramps. Another idea is to refit the bathroom with a walk-in bathtub and matching fixtures.

Financing a Home Remodeling Project

Once you’ve decided to start a home remodeling project, you may wonder how to finance it. There are many options available.

If you already have a dedicated savings fund ready to pay for the project, great! Your budgeting efforts are about to pay off. In other cases, you can always apply for financing through loans.

Some financial institutions offer lending products tailored specifically to home improvement. A home improvement loan, for instance, can provide money to pay for various things, like materials and labor. The lending limit, term, and interest rate may also be more advantageous than a personal loan.

Another option is to apply for a home equity line of credit. This revolving line of credit has a limit tied directly to the equity you’ve built in your home. This type of loan offers some flexibility when you need to borrow money.

The type of financing you may prefer will depend on many different factors, like the scope of your project and the budget. Time might also come into play. For instance, you may need to replace your roofing and windows in anticipation of hurricane season. Or, perhaps you are expecting a baby and need to repurpose a room quickly.

Where you live affects how you live. First Florida offers financial products that allow you to build your best life. Contact us or visit a branch to learn more about home improvement-focused loans.


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