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The Deals of Fall

The autumn season brings fall colors and cooler temperatures, and the start of holiday sales. It’s a time when retailers want to move out their remaining summer inventory, as well as discount some new winter items. Here are a few of the best deals you can find in the fall.

Warm winter clothing – Retailers begin releasing their new winter clothing at sale prices before the demand for these items kicks in.

Older iPhones – New iPhones are announced in September. To make room on the shelves, sellers begin marking down older generation models in October.

Camping gear and outdoor furniture– Get out-of-season deals on tents, sleeping bags, lawn chairs, and grills in early fall and you’ll be prepared for next summer.

Cars – Many dealerships begin transitioning inventory to next year’s models. Year-end savings can be significant. 

Bicycles – With less demand in colder temps, dealers will start offering their lowest prices on bikes and bike gear.

Travel packages – If you’ve been thinking of taking a cruise or trip overseas, you’ll find good package deals in early fall.

Fans and air conditioners – As the temperature drops, so do prices for these popular summer items. But know that some dealers will begin storing these items in their warehouses in November for next year, so get them while prices are low!

Seasonal produce – Apples, squashes, and sweet potatoes are in abundance and priced to sell. Buy them in bulk, slice them up, and freeze them so they can be enjoyed throughout the winter.

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