Managing Moving Expenses

Big moves can mean big expense, especially when you’re moving large amounts of household items. Unless your job is paying for your relocation, remaining within your moving budget is probably high on your list.

Stay ahead of the move by following these money saving moving tips.

Tweak Your Time

If you can be flexible, get quotes for different days of the month. You would be surprised at how much rates can vary depending on the time of year and day of the week.

Also, get quotes from several companies to be sure you’re getting a fair price.

Less is More

A move at any significant distance is going to be costly. If you have a home filled with items that can be replaced, or you already live minimally, you may save significantly by selling your large items and purchasing new/used when you get to your destination.

If selling all and starting over is not a comfortable option, consider lightening the load as much as you can. The costs of long-distance moves usually depend of the amount being moved and the distance, of course. The more you shed, the less the expense.

Save Where You Can

Boxes are not a large expense, but it can be avoided. Spirits stores almost always have boxes available for takeaway. Some other retail stores may offer boxes as well.

If you are able to scale back your movables to avoid paying movers, but don’t have quite enough room in your vehicle, consider shipping your packages through Amtrack or Greyhound, says Brianna McGurran with NerdWallet. They offer shipping services that can be cheaper than package delivery companies.

Source: Nerd Wallet

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