Teenagers Should Save for Their Dreams Too

Most teenagers have big dreams. Some dream of owning a car, traveling, or starting a business. Many plan on attending college. All those dreams require cash. So how do you turn that dream into reality? Be a dream achiever and start saving your money.

Think: $1.67 a day!
If you’re 13 years old and you save $50 every month until you’re 18, you’ll have $3,000.

You might think, “I can’t save that much a month!” Oh, yes you can! Think about it in smaller amounts.

Fifty dollars a month is about $12.50 a week, or $1.67 a day. An easy way to save $1.67 a day is to skip the cafeteria and take your own lunch to school. If you don’t get an allowance, you can save some of your birthday and holiday money. You also can do odd jobs for your family, friends, and neighbors on weekends and during your summer vacation.

If $50 a month is too much to manage, set a smaller goal. The main idea is to get started and to be consistent. You can raise your goal later. Here are more ways to help you reach your savings goal:

1. Keep your eye on your goal – To keep you motivated, find a picture that illustrates your dream and put it where you’ll see it every day.

2. Drop all your spare quarters and dimes into a special container – Coins will add up quickly.

3. Control your impulse spending – When tempted to buy something, ask yourself if that purchase is more important than your dream.

4. Leave your money at home – Carry only the cash you’ll need for the day so you won’t be tempted to spend it all.

5. Open a savings account at First Florida Credit Union and earn interest – Your money will earn more money when you keep it in a savings account.

With a little self-control and some patience, you’ll soon be living your dream!

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