It’s Time to Start Thinking…Tax Refund!

Save time and avoid stress when you file. Use this Checklist to get ready now.

Gather this information and these documents to make doing your taxes faster and easier when you file:

Personal information
• Social security numbers and birthdates for you, your spouse, dependents
• Copy of your prior year tax return
• Routing number and account numbers for direct deposit of refunds or direct debit of balance dues

Income and financial information
• W-2s from employers for you, your spouse
• 1098 and 1099s from banks, financial institutions, corporations, government agencies
• Independent contractor income
• Interest or dividend income
• State or local tax refunds
• Capital gains/losses
• Sale of property income
• Distributions from IRAs or retirement plans
• Unemployment income
• Social security income
• Cancellation of debt (mortgage loan forgiveness)
• 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement
• 1095-B, 1095-C Health Insurance Verification Form
• Income and expense from a business
• Income and expense from rental property
• Miscellaneous income
• Jury duty
• Gambling/lottery winnings
• Scholarships
• Medical savings account
• Unreported tip income
• Prizes and awards
• Alimony received, paid

• Federal and State estimated tax payments
• Medical and dental expenses (including medical mileage, long term care health insurance)
• Real estate and personal property taxes
• State and local taxes
• Mortgage interest, points, mortgage insurance premiums
• CASH and NON-CASH charitable donations (including mileage driven)
• Casualty and theft loss
• Unreimbursed job expense, union dues, business mileage + total miles driven, meals + entertainment
• Gambling losses to the extent of winnings
• Student loan interest, tuition expense for higher education (Forms 1098-E, 1098-T)
• Child care costs including care provider identification
• IRA contributions
• Investment interest expense
• Moving expense
• Qualifying energy expense for home improvements

Source: www.eztaxreturn
By: Edward Camp |  Tax Tips & Planning

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It's Time to Start Thinking...Tax Refund!

January 3, 2016

Gather this information and these documents to make doing your taxes faster and easier when you file: Read More...