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FRAUD ALERT: We have received reports that a few First Florida Credit Union members were contacted by a fraudster/scammer spoofing our phone numbers OR sending texts. These calls or texts are not from First Florida Credit Union. Remember, First Florida will never call, text, or email you to ask for your personal information, social security number, birth date, PIN, or card numbers. If you receive a similar text or phone call, contact the credit union directly. Click here for more information.

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All First Florida Credit Union branches and offices will be closed on Monday, February 17th in observance of Presidents Day. All locations will resume operations during normal business hours on Tuesday, February 18th. 

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Our Financial Resource Center provides reliable financial guidance, insight, and resources on topics ranging from auto loans to retirement. The center is your one-stop shop for quality advice on the pressing financial decisions you may face at multiple stages of life. Each week brings new content to the site, ranging from articles to videos to interactive quizzes.

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The Reality of Frugality

While it’s important to get the most bang for your buck, some costlier items of higher quality make more financial sense.  

We all like to save money, but there are times when frugality winds up costing you more. Follow these rules to make sure your crave-to-save doesn’t wind up draining your bank account. 

Don’t skip maintenance or preventive care 
Skip your routine mileage check-up, your dental cleanings, or your annual physical, and it could end up costing you much more than you’d spend on the maintenance itself. 

For example, dental cleanings cost around $100. Skip them, and you could be setting yourself up for fillings and root canals that cost upwards of $1,000. 

50 percent off is still 50 percent on
Taking advantage of discount items can be addictive and usually leads to buying items you don’t need. While you’re patting yourself on the back for scoring a good deal, you may not think about the purchase from a quality perspective. Will it hold up? What purpose does it serve?

Walk away for 24 hours, and see if you’re still thinking about it. Often, the urge will have passed. 

Don’t cut corners on insurance 
It’s easy to skimp on insurance – renters, life, even health – because you’re hoping never to use it anyway. 

Anything of value such as your home, car, and most importantly, your self should be adequately covered. Accidents and disasters are inevitable and unpredictable. There is little room to skimp on making sure you can cover the expense. It’s money well spent.  

Learn the difference between value and low price 
Sometimes low priced items don’t hold together well, and sometimes high priced items don’t either. Do your research to make sure you know which brands and products will give you the best quality for your budget. After all, if you’re replacing a cheap item often, it would have been better to buy a good quality item from the start.   

Budget for your happiness
It is possible to cut too many corners where your happiness is concerned. Whatever it is you enjoy doing – going out with friends, traveling, or buying shoes – budget for it. Don’t get so caught up in frugality that you don’t get to enjoy life.

The same principle applies to determine your budget for flexible expenses such as groceries. If you already know how much you’ll need for monthly grocery costs, don’t pare it down so much that you can’t stick to the budget. That’s more stressful and unrealistic than helpful.

Source: Money Talks News
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