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Contactless Cards with Tap-to-Pay Technology

Your card, but better.

Your First Florida Visa® credit and debit cards come with Tap-to-Pay technology for a faster, safer, and easier way to pay at the register.

Benefits Include:

  • Ease of Use
    Reduce your check-out time at the counter with a single Tap-to-Pay.

  • Less Wear on Your Card
    Keep your card looking new for longer by tapping to pay instead of swiping.

  • Secure Transactions
    The latest Tap-to-Pay technology is equipped with data encryption that reduces the chance of fraud so you can shop with peace of mind.

  • More Ways to Pay
    When your card strip is unreadable or the chip insert option isn’t working at checkout, you have another option to make your purchase with a quick, single tap.

  • Safer Handling 
    With Tap-to-Pay, your card never leaves your hand so you’re less likely to leave it behind.

  • Mobile Wallet Compatible
    Add your contactless card to your mobile wallet for a convenient way to Tap-to-Pay without using your physical card.

How to Bypass Entering Your PIN at Checkout

If you’re using your First Florida Visa Debit Card, the merchant may still ask for your PIN, at which time you will need to select credit to use your Tap-to-Pay technology. To avoid touching the kiosk, simply let the register operator know you are paying by credit, and this will allow you to use your debit card’s Tap-to-Pay feature as a non-PIN transaction.


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