Manage on the go with Card Controls.

The First Florida Card Controls App is a robust companion to the Mobile Banking App, enabling you to manage your First Florida Cards when and how you want. 

Here are a few of the great real-time features you will enjoy:

  • Turn Card On/Off with Card Controls: Protect yourself from fraud by instantly suspending a misplaced card, setting transaction limits, or restricting transactions.
  • Set Up Transaction Alerts: Receive alerts via email, text, or push notifications for various transaction types. Categories include card not present, declined transactions, ATM withdrawal, and more.
  • Manage Spending: Set up transaction limits and restrict transaction types.
  • Update Us with Your Travel Itineraries: Ensure your transactions are not blocked by setting up travel notices.
  • View and Redeem Rewards Points: If your Diamond Rewards Visa® Credit Card or your Rewards Checking Debit Card is registered for the First Florida Rewards program, access your rewards account through the Card Controls App.

NOTE: Some card control services are available on the desktop version of Online Banking.