Overdraft Protection

First Florida Credit Union Overdraft Protection helps you avoid the inconvenience of an overdrawn account.

Sometimes mistakes happen — no matter how careful you are with your finances.   Overdraft Protection helps you avoid the inconvenience of an overdrawn account.  First Florida offers the following Overdraft Protection options:

Overdraft Protection from Savings*

If your account should become overdrawn, available funds from your Savings Account are automatically transferred to your Checking Account to pay for your purchases/transactions.*  This service protects you from incurring insufficient fund fees. Call us at (800) 766-4328, ext. 1 [(904) 359-6800, ext. 1 in Jacksonville] or stop by a branch to ensure that your account is set up for Overdraft Protection from Savings.

Overdraft Protection from a Line of Credit

Protect yourself from insufficient fund fees by linking your Checking Account to a Line of Credit.  If your Checking Account should become overdrawn,  funds are automatically transferred from the Line of Credit into your account (up to your available limit†) and your transaction are paid.    Apply for a Line of Credit today.

Courtesy Pay/Overdraft Service

A discretionary overdraft payment service for your checking account.

In the event you inadvertently:

  • Make a debit card purchase that overdraws your account;
  • Request an ATM withdrawal that exceeds your balance;
  • Write a check greater than your balance; or
  • Initiate an electronic payment/deduction from checking that overdraws your account,

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service allows us to authorize (cover) your transaction (up to $1,500, after subtracting the amount of the fee*), thus creating a negative balance in your account. This means your purchase is honored at the register; your cash is dispensed by the ATM**; and your check or electronic payment is paid.

To utilize Courtesy Pay/Overdraft Service for debit and ATM transactions, you are required to give us your permission by completing a form, which OPTS you in. An online video (audio/video tutorials require Adobe® Flash Player®) and answers to frequently asked questions explains how this service works.


*A $2.00 fee applies for each Savings (Share Account) transfer to cover an overdrafts.

† Credit qualifications apply.  See terms, condition, and Annual Percentage Rate information for a Line of Credit.

**Our standard overdraft practices– $32 for each time we pay an overdraft. There is no limit on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account.

***This service is offered at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee we will permit you to overdraw your account without limits. However, we’re unable to offer this service to you without your permission. You can give us your permission by opting in for the service.