Let’s say you want to quickly and easily repay a friend for lunch or collect gift money for a co-worker’s baby shower; Popmoney®,  is the fast way to send or request money anytime.  Popmoney is accessed from First Florida’s Bill Payer Service (through Online Banking).

Send Money

Popmoney lets you safely send anyone in the U.S. money electronically using only their name and email address or mobile number†. The recipient’s email address or mobile number is only used to notify them of the payment and how they can claim the money. The money is sent directly from your credit union account to the recipient’s account in as little as one business day.  It only cost $0.50 each time you send money. The person receiving the money does not pay a fee.

Review Popmoney – Send Money FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Request Money

This Popmoney feature enables you to request money from friends, family members, and others using their email address or mobile phone number. Request Money has so many applications. It allows you to request funds from individuals or groups for things like:

  • Club membership dues
  • Fundraising
  • Shared trip expenses
  • Rent from roommates

If you request to receive money from someone using Popmoney, you will be charged for each transaction as shown per table below (sender does not pay a fee).


  • Transaction  $1.00- $249.99  – cost per transaction $0.50
  • Transaction $250.00- $999.99 – cost per transaction $0.75
  • Transaction $1,000 & up – cost per transaction $1.50

Review Popmoney – Request Money FAQs


It’s FREE to sign up for Popmoney

  • $0.50 per transaction to send money
  • $0.50 – $1.50 per transaction to request money (varies based on transaction amount)

Popmoney is part of Bill Payer Service

Sending or requesting money has never been more secure or convenient:

  • Simply log in to Online Banking using your existing password; click on the “Bill Payer” tab; and then click on the “Popmoney” tab.

Popmoney is simple and intuitive

†Supported carriers are Verizon™, AT&T™, and Sprint™.

Popmoney is a service mark of Fiserv, Inc.